What is VICEJAR?

Getting started

Users start the journey by setting savings and challenge goals then putting their money where their mouth is. Then you invite friends to join as supportive encouragement and be there to “regulate” you.

Recording your progress

There are 3 ways to record data. Runners and cyclists can use the built in GPS, manual input or nominate a “regulator”. A regulator is a friend or family member who keeps you accountable by recording your progress.

Planning goals is simple

Users have an innovative way to dynamically plan goals and asign rest days. Our intuitive interface lets you interact by literally touching the screen with common drag and drop methods.

Community support

Think of this as a Facebook for fixing bad habits or creating good ones. Whether for fitness or vices. Your friends can continuously motivate you in the VICEJAR community by swapping and sharing health, fitness, and diet tips. Create teams to keep vices private from the overall community.